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Virginia Defender Special Issue

This issue is an expository to help visitors to Richmond learn the current social struggles in Richmond regarding Confederate symbolism, racism and coming to terms with the conflicting narratives of our history as a freedom-seeking nation.

Learn about the call to move the race route from highlighting the city's largest single Confederate shrine: Monument Avenue; the struggle to protect Shockoe Bottom from destruction just as we're coming to understand the enormity of its role in the slave trade and the origins of the city; and on the community proposal for Shockoe Bottom.

Richmond today bears the scars of our country’s original contradiction: that the “Land of the Free” was founded as a slave society, and continued as such for 246 years. The effects of that history on today’s social, economic and political issues have never been fully examined.  
Shockoe Bottom can be the place to finally conduct that examination.  
The Memorial Park can be a 9-acre campus of beautifully and thoughtfully designed memorial and educational spaces -- walkable and technologically connected to our city’s wealth of museums, libraries and universities. It can be a living Site of Conscience and a fitting legacy for this generation of Richmonders to gift to our children.  
A Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park, located within a day’s drive of half the country’s population, can be a national site for truth, compassion, freedom and progress.

Your voice is needed to make this vision a reality. 

To get involved, please contact: 

Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project of the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality

PO Box 23202, Richmond, VA 23223 
Ph: 804-644-5834