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Defenders Call for Unity in the Rebellion

VIRGINIA DEFENDERS CALL FOR SUPPORT FOR ALL PROTESTERS FACING CHARGES, DOXING OR OTHER ATTACKS The Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality are calling for broad, united support for all protesters arrested during the current anti-racist Rebellion, all those targeted for right-wing doxing and all those being harassed by elected officials for their roles in the Rebellion. Richmond has now seen nearly two months of daily protests against the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, abuse by local police departments across the country, our own city’s many symbols of white supremacy and racism in general.  This (for Richmond) unprecedented wave of actions of all kinds has deeply changed the political balance of power in the city. A mayor who first refused to allow his Monument Avenue Commission to even consider taking down the Confederate statues on Monument Avenue wound up issuing an emergency order to take down all four city-owned statues there, as well as many other Co