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US Delegation part of Memorial for May 2 Massacre in Odessa Ukraine

US observers, including Phil Wilayto of The Virginia Defender and the United National Antiwar Coalition, documentary filmmaker Regis Trembly and activist Bruce Gagnon, were of the 3-4,000 people attending today's 2nd anniversary memorial of the massacre of pro-federalist Odessans which took place at the Trade Unions Building of Kulikovo Square in Odessa, Ukraine on May 2, 2014. ".... the May 2 memorial has emerged as an important focus in the fight to keep fascist forces in Ukraine from being able to intimidate their opponents into retreating from political struggle and at the same time strengthen their own role in the post-coup government. Another focus is a WWII veterans march planned for May 9 in the capital city of Kiev to mark the end of Nazi occupation. The march is being threatened by the paramilitary Right Sector organization. The elderly veterans, who often display socialist symbols, are saying they will march anyway and, if threatened, will defend themselves