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By Phil Wilayto For THE VIRGINIA DEFENDER RICHMOND, VA, March 19 -- Cathy’s Camp, the tent city located outside Richmond’s cold weather shelter where scores of homeless people have lived since last August, is coming down. The camp began with just a few tents. It grew, and at its height sheltered around 130 people in about 125 tents, assisted by the all-volunteer nonprofit organization Blessing Warriors RVA. The irony of a tent city existing outside a closed homeless shelter was stunning. (The city shelter is only opened when the temperature drops below 40 degrees, even if it’s raining, snowing or flooding.) On Dec. 29, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services Reggie Gordon sent a letter to the camp saying they must leave, without setting an eviction date, but also without offering any alternative shelter. A meeting hosted Feb. 5 at the cold weather shelter by City Councilmember Ellen Robertson to discuss city homelessness policies drew more than 200 people