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City Opens 2 Emergency Shelters

The City of Richmond is currently being impacted by Hurricane Irene. The National Weather Service in Wakefield, VA has forecasted up to 5 inches of rain for the eastern portions of the city and up to 4 inches to the western portions of the city. The City is forecasted to receive sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph, through early Sunday morning, with gusts of 50 mph. The City will open two emergency shelters at noon today for City residents. Shelter locations are the Arthur Ashe Center, 3001 North Boulevard, and Huguenot High School, 7945 Forest Hill Avenue. Both shelters will remain open throughout the night with water, snacks and dinner being provided. Residents should bring their medications and essential items for infants and special care family members as needed for overnight sheltering. Pets with the exception of service animals are not allowed. Residents who would like to provide shelter for their pets can do so by calling the City’s Emergency Operations center at 254-1191. Pets w