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Listen to Wrap Up of April 3 Emancipation Day commemoration

Today at Noon, DefendersLIVE: a wrap up of Sunday, April 3rd's Emancipation Day celebration and Open Mic rally and report back from the Richmond African Burial Ground Community Organizing Committee. Listen online at or on the radio at 97.3 FM. "... think back to the day the history books still refer to as the "Fall of Richmond." Confederate troops had fled the city, setting fires as they retreated. Thick, dark clouds billowed up to the sky. Men, women and children, Bklack and White, free and slave alike, came out onto the streets to see what would happen next.    And then came the Black troops, marking and riding into the capitol of the Confederacy.     Richmond didn't "fall" -- it was liberated." -excerpt from 2001 booklet, "They Marched Into Richmond, a brief tribute to the struggle against slavery, including the participation of black union soldiers in the defeat of confederate forces in Richmond, Va."