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Sept.13 Sentencing on Ashley Williams 2nd case

Thu., Sept. 13 – Sentencing hearing for Ashley Williams – 10 am, Courtroom 311, John Marshall Court Building, 400 N. 9th St., downtown Richmond. Ashley Williams will go to trial on Nov. 30 on charges connected with the tragic death of her 2-year-old son D'Sean. Richmond's Commonwealth's Attorney's office is trying to put her away for many years for supposedly allowing D'Sean to starve to death. There is no evidence for this, but there is evidence that D'Sean suffered from an undiagnosed genetic disease that can prevent the body from processing food. Three of D'Sean's close relatives exhibit signs of the same disease. Mass community support has so far kept the courts from railroading Ms. Williams, but we can't let up in this struggle.
The sentencing hearing on Sept. 13 deals with a separate case. On July 17, Ms. Williams pleaded guilty to an unrelated charge, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. At the time of her arrest on that charge, she had lost her son D'Sean, then her other three children were taken away by Social Services, she had lost her job because of the publicity around her homicide and neglect charges and her family had had to pay out $8,000 in bond money. She was depressed and broke, without a way to earn a living. We need to turn out for this sentencing hearing so that the court knows her supporters have not abandoned her.