29 March 2012

Sacred Ground Project at Lumpkin's Jail

Civil War & Emancipation Day is April 14, 2012
Visit http://civilwar.emancipationday.net/ for schedule.

Sacred Ground will have a table at the Lumpkin's Jail site and make a presentation at 1:30.
Information about the Remembering Slavery Resistance & Freedom and educational materials will be available, including surveys to gather community input on the Burial Ground memorialization and commemorating Emancipation.

Civil War & Emancipation Day is a signature event of The Future of Richmond's Past, a collaborative effort among leaders of Richmond’s historical societies, museums, commissions, cultural and tourism organizations, and educational institutions to frame the upcoming sesquicentennial years in which our city and the nation will commemorate the anniversaries of the Civil War and Emancipation.

The Future of Richmond's Past sponsors public programs, special events, and inclusive conversations to advance a better understanding of our City’s shared history.

Add the Civil War & Emancipation Day event to your .

26 March 2012

NOTICE!! Slave Trail Commission Resolution Postponed to April 17 Land Use Committee meeting for discussion and April 30 City Council meeting for vote.
11 am PRESS CONFERENCE to be held at VA NAACP Office on Graham Road behind VUU (off Brook Rd) - called by Va State Conference NAACP, King Salim Khalfani. Speakers to include Mr. Khalfani, Sa'ad El-Amin who has drafted a detailed description of the procedural problems of the Slave Trail Commission, members of the Sacred Ground Project, African Burial Ground Community Organizing Committee, Defenders and Virginia Defender Newspaper.
12 noon today: DefendersLIVE topic: Trayvon Martin and His Murder - LIVE on WRIR.org or 97.3 Lp FM

24 March 2012

UNAC anti-war conference underway. Anti-war Strategies from Black Community Organizations workshop begins at 10:45am. UNACpeace.org

14 March 2012

March Roots to Roots at WBCH: Unknown No Longer is the Virginia Slave Name Database - a breakthrough resource with 4,000 names now online for family history research. This exciting development in archival materials access is being led by Dr. Lauranett Lee, first African American intern at the Virginia Historical Society and its inaugural curator of Virginia's African American History. Meet Dr. Lee and learn about this wonderful resource. RSVP by Friday, Mar. 16: 643-2717 ext. 306 or byrdhousemarket@gmail.com.

06 March 2012

Bust at Va Capitol is Attack on Women and Rehearsal for Urban Control

The first of the more than 30 people arrested yesterday at the Virginia State Capitol were arraigned on Monday, March 5 at 9 am, at the Manchester Courthouse, 900 Hull St. on South Side. Another group will be arraigned at 9 am on Friday, March 16. The Defenders are urging everyone who can to please attend these hearings as they are scheduled and support these courageous champions of women's rights.

These folks, most of them women, were part of a rally and march of around 1,000 people protesting the arch-reactionary bills now being promoted in the General Assembly, including but not limited to the bill that would force women to have - and pay for - an ultrasound exam before being able to get an abortion.

The 30-plus people were arrested while peacefully sitting on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol. Though they were nonviolent and made no threat of violence, the police showed up ready for war. There were Capitol police, state troopers in full riot gear and cops in green fatigues with automatic weapons. Those arrested were herded onto police buses and driven to the 9th Street lock-up. The men were processed first and released within a relatively short time. Most of the charges seem to be trespassing and unlawful assembly.

The cops reserved their vindictiveness for the women, who were kept on their bus for from five to nine hours, handcuffed. Some of the women suffered wrist injuries because of the tightness of the cuffs. For all this time they were givenno water and no toilet breaks. One woman had to relieve herself at the back of the bus. After many complaints, the cops finally put a bucket on the bus and told the women to use that as a toilet. This information comes from several interviews I did today with some of the women who were on the bus.

The way these brave people were treated, especially the women, is an outrage and demands a strong response from all those who believe in freedom and justice. Please try to attend the arraignments. And please call the office of Gov. Robert McDonnell and tell him how you feel about this outrage, the latest in a long line being carried out against 99% of Virginians by the racist, sexist and thoroughly anti-working-class 1%.

DefendersLIVE Radio will host two of the women arrested to talk about what happens and what this anti-woman legislation could mean for all of us: Monday, March 12 at Noon on 97.3 LP WRIR FM Richmond. Streamed live on WRIR.org and restreamed on Tuesdays at 11am and 1pm.